Village Underground Lisboa in Lissabon

R. 1º de Maio 103, 1300-472 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 911 115 533


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I came for a quiet place to work and found myself drinking coffee in a double decker bus. With offices built out of shipping containers stacked on top of each other, joined by walkways and brightly painted in street-art-style, it's a cool place to visit just to take photos.
Great bus with delicious and very affordable food. I highly recommend the toasts which are perfectly toasted and made with tasty ingredients ! The staff is very kind and welcoming. We only regret the view on the road speed lane
What a ridiculously bad alservice. Dear G. Could they be any worst at serving? Took us 20min to get asked what we wanted and another 20min to get a plain sandwich. Waste of time..and money
Quirky co-working boxpark near lxfactory. If you like walking and something a little different check it out
Awesome atmosphere. It's the second time I've been there and it was a bit more clam with very few people nearby. Perfect place to grab coffee or a drink and talk the afternoon away while sitting in the warm "re-purposed" buses. Prices are a bit high.
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