Studio Unseen in San Diego

4610 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116, USA
+1 858-412-0884


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Inspiring space! Open lay out for working on your laptop, private rooms for conference calls and presentations! Pete & Marc are doing a great job!
The place is unprofessional. Period. The in charge was cold and short. When I asked a question -- his answer twice was, "Did you see our website?" in an offended tone. He would not answer my questions. And yes, I did see the website -- and it's not coherent. He brought me to the very back room and plopped us in front of a garbage can, and said, "Here, let's talk here at the trash can." (*cricket* you have large space, why here, sir?) When I asked if I could bring my clients into common areas, he replied, "you can meet here at the trash can," and acted annoyed with my question. (Gee, thanks, but really, why do you keep bringing up the trash can in your enormous building?) He downplayed his venue and space and I'm sure he has his reasons... I'd rather not know. I actually felt he was going out of his way to make me feel uncomfortable. He even began pitching me about co-working spaces downtown, at which point, he finally smiled and was actually trying to persuade me.
Best Co-working place in SD. Pete had a great vision with this place and Mark Chew always brings good energy to the space. Highly recommended
Great little space, I love the monthly jazz jams.
Coworking space for the creative -- this space is full of life from the historic buildings, the one of a kind art, and the people who work here. I love being apart of this incredible community.
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