Spacecubed in Perth

45 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000, Australia
+61 8 6102 0225


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Good location for meetups for larger groups. Good projection facilities and networking.
A great collaboration and incubator space. First rate amenities in the heart of town. Great for casual hot-desking or small teams in startup. Very collegial and a good mix of industry. Check out the meeting room - it's the old bank vault with 12 inch thick door still in place.
An incredible place to work. Involved with startups? This is the place to be. I work and help a range of startups all involved with programmes and who cowork (work out of) at Spacecubed, and it's refreshing to be in a creative environment full of bright, driven, committed and dedicated entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs and startups.
Great co-working space, lovely staff and wonderful people
Nice meeting space. Hard to find and get to if you're not shown in. The costs are are little expensive but the community is generally pretty good.
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