Loffice Budapest in Budapest

Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 55, 1061 Hungary
+36 70 318 6356


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A decent co-working office in Budapest downtown. They are friendly, helpful and have a truly professional attitude being dedicated to their clients. The workplace is nice and bright, though mobile signal is sometimes weak. As an overall evaluation, this is a great place to work, they have a number of plans and options so you might as well find there what you are looking for.
Just loved the place. I rented a meeting room for 2 days, could pay by card, the stuff was nice the meeting room well equipped
A great place. Co-working opportunity in a re-vamped old block, that used to be the music sheet printing house of the Music Academy. And th name is the cross of the words LOFT + OFFICE. And there is a charming little café in the same buiding, called Zhivago.
Loffice is a great idea and a cool location in the downtown of Budapest. I recommend it because of its friendly staff and awesome spaces.
Great co-working space
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