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8885 Rio San Diego Dr #237, San Diego, CA 92108, USA
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Hera Hub s like an office spa oasis in Mission Valley! A great place to kick back and read, write or chat with other women business owners. The staff is friendly and the kitchen well-stocked, especially with the entrepreneurial requirement of caffeine. The conference room overlooking the valley is a great place for meetings and group discussions. Want someplace to get away from it all and focus on growing your business? The shared workspace has a productive vibe you can't help but tap into. I love being a member of Hera Hub and going to the Mission Valley location to be productive in a fun office atmosphere. I highly recommend it.
Been a member since the very beginning - great collaborative space with intelligent, hard working women who are always helping each other make the best of their businesses. Expert advice, guidance and opportunities are always just a request away, and the team at Hera Hub is so connected and resourceful that if they don't have the answer they will find an expert that does. As a small business-owner you don't necessarily need the private, expensive office space, and working solo from home or from coffee shops becomes disconnected and unprofessional - Hera Hub is the best of both worlds: a professional space with lots of resources, collaboration and expert advice from professionals, but a relaxed space too that doesn't feel like a stuffy corporate office. Highly recommend for all business owners.
Not only is Hera Hub a wonderful place to co-work, it's so much more than that. Calling it a co-working space feels almost inaccurate. It's a network of strong professionals in just about every area of business, endless resources and support, and a bunch of people who genuinely like spending time together. The level of professionalism is matched only by the friendliness and welcoming atmosphere. The value delivered greatly exceeds the cost.
Hera Hub transformed the way I do business and how successful and fulfilled I have become as a result. When I joined Hera Hub, I was two years into my college admissions consulting business. I was profitable and able to work part time, so by that standard things were going very well. The problem was that I felt like I had to force myself into contrived, awkward situations to build the sales funnel and market my business. Networking and its unavoidable lack of authenticity was taking a toll on me. Let’s face it; most people are at events to sell their product or service, period. That’s the end game. I don’t like to sell myself; I like for my services to speak for themselves and have my business grow as organically as possible through smart and informed business practices. BECAUSE OF HERA HUB, I can now say that the business I envisioned is a reality. I work in a community of smart, strong, resourceful, and supportive women. My business has grown because I have embraced the relaxing yet productive work environment and accomplished more than ever before. I have utilized the wealth of knowledge, resources, and support available to me, and I have been happy to provide the same for my colleagues. My business is successful not because members give me referrals, but more so because we collaborate and I have the tools I need to prosper and grow. As a result of close business and personal relationships, we are motivated as a community to help each other as much as we can in whatever capacity we can, and that’s what Hera Hub is all about. Becoming a member of Hera Hub is one of the best business decisions I have ever made, and any female entrepreneur can benefit from doing the same.
I refer to Hera Hub as my collective brain. With over 300 members, if I have a question about running my business, I can get the answer. (And that’s just the private Facebook group.) With three co-working spaces in San Diego (Mission Valley, Sorrento Valley, Carlsbad), Hera Hub is an incubator for businesses, giving women all the tools they need to run and grow their businesses. As an advertising copywriter, I have found legal help, accounting help and marketing assistance. Members hold monthly “Guru Hours” where you can ask advice on questions. This more than just shared office space, it is a community. I have watched fellow members team up to create new businesses and have gained strategic partners on my own. (Oh and did I mention the wine keg in each office?) Come give Hera Hub a try. It will be the best thing you do for your business.
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