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Such a great concept for any parent with hustle! BubDesk is fantastic for small business owners and those who are transitioning back into work life after having bubs. We love it!
BubDesk is a great co-working space which has allowed me time to do my freelance work and set up a new business, knowing that my daughter is in the same building if she needs me. For me - it initially solved the tricky issue of returning to work but not wanting to give up breastfeeding. There's a great community feel about it and my daughter loves Amy and the other nannies who look after her there.
BubDesk gives me the change to enjoy a flexible office environment that is professional and modern. Being centrally located with everything an office space requires it's a simple, stress free option. It's given me time to really knuckle down and get some work done while my son is playing with the amazing nannies. I can check on him anytime I want or I can just text them to see how he is. Once he starts kindergarten I will continue to come for the benefits of networking and interacting with likeminded business people and to be honest, it's cheaper than hiring my own office space and fitting it out.
As a creative freelancer and mum, I'm enjoying having regular "office hours" again in an inspiring professional environment. I get so much more work done than I would at home, and my bub thrives on the attention and stimulation she gets upstairs in the creche. Downstairs, I love the huge desks, comfortable chairs and natural light. **edit - 1 month on, I feel I need to come back and update my review. I came to Bubdesk because of the creche but I've been overwhelmed by the extra value I have gotten from working in such a buzzing and positive environment. Just from quick chats with co-workers and just being around people with such diverse skill sets, I've been inspired to actually think about my business plan, get my social media up to date, and implement changes to the ways I work with my biggest clients. Bubdesk has been amazing for me and my business, I highly recommend it!
Bubdesk is a modern coworking space close to perth city centre with great facilities. I am not a parent and hot desk on the coworking floor which is on a separate floor to the creche. My web design business demands fast internet and areas to meet clients. Bubdesk provides this with a professional board room, relaxing couches and of course large desks to get work done. Highly recommend BubDesk for cost effective shared office space.
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