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Moo 8 Koh Phangan, Thailand, Koh Phangan, Srithanu, สุราษฎร์ธานี 84280, Thailand
+66 92 574 7739


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If you have work to do - DON'T GO THERE. I mean it. This "coworking space" is everything but not a place for work. Details: my rating system for coworking spaces: 1. surroundings/view, 2. staff, 3. working conditions, 4. prices, 5. equipment. Beachub gets 1 star for fulfilling only the first point. All the others are a TRAGEDY. PRICES: ridiculously expensive day pass (600 bht?!), weekpass also very pricey. You don't get much for that. Even the food is 2x more expensive than anywhere else. WORKING CONDITIONS: Chaos. No rules. Contradictions. On one hand you have posters everywhere "Respect our silent coworking space", on the other hand - nobody respects that, and the staff is the worst at it. They are the ones who walk around, chat 1 meter from your computer while you actually try to get sth done, laugh with friends. Only good thing is the internet speed - but sorry, it's ruined by everything else when it comes to working conditions. EQUIPMENT: terrible. Most of the office chairs are broken. Recently some new chairs were bought but they are simple wooden chairs that you just shouldn't sit on for a couple of hours since it will kill your spine. I think they were just ordered because they are cheap. Charging as much as they do, it's unacceptable to treat your customers this way. STAFF: They don't care, they are busy entertaining themselves with friends and enjoying not allowing you to work. Unbelievable. I kindly requested them to reconsider the rules of the place, or create at least a small quiet zone - but they completely ignored me. I wrote an email- same. Ehhh. Not sure why this co-working space got only 5* so far; probably they were written by the owner/staff's friends, since those guys are all indeed very sociable. Trust me though- I am not the only one who thinks this place is bad. I met a couple of other guys who paid their weekly passes at beachub and stayed there for a week only because it was a lot of money; after that they immidiately went elsewhere. To summarize, I am extremely disappointed. This is such a shame that a place with such a great potential thanks to its unique location is wasted because the owner has no respect for her customers... :(
One of the most productive environments I've been in, which is surprising given it's picturesque location. I wish they had more provided snacks and drinks like some other spaces I've worked from, but they have a fridge you can store some things in.
Beautiful beach view and fast internet, what more do you need?
Fast wifi, inspiring setting, relaxed vibe and a great community of digital nomads. Overall amazing place to work!!
Good view, relaxing vibe -- but I've only worked here a few hours so far.
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