AreaTres in Buenos Aires

Malabia 1720, C1414DMJ CABA, Argentina
+54 11 5353-0333


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Great place for the freelancer or remote worker. Nice internet, coffee and snacks included.
AreaTres in Palermo Soho was my home-away-from-home for July-August. I needed reliable internet for my job, and needed a peaceful, secure spot to do my work. AreaTres was perfect for this. The people I met at AreaTres became the dear friends of my wife and I while we were in Buenos Aires, and the owner and staff and AreaTres are fantastic. I've already strongly recommended AreaTres to friends and family, so I'm now simply recommending it to a larger circle. If you need internet and a bottomless supply of coffee and delicious little cookies, check out AreaTres.
I've been working at areatres for five months now, and I absolutely love it. I've tried a few other coworking spaces in BA (Urban Station, The Office), but for me, areatres feels more collaborative and more like a community--- which for any expat is KEY! It feels like a real office (reception, admin services, etc) with the comfort and chill-factor of your living room. For me, it completely changed my work here in BA and I couldn't have pictured the last five months without it!
I’ve been working at Areatres for months now as a freelance writer and couldn’t be happier. Staff is courteous and helpful. The workspace is fantastic--comfortable chairs, superb Internet connections, lots of natural light (and a patio for sunbathing or lunch now that the weather is great). People are respectful of one another and pleasant to work near--I really appreciate the personal care the owner Martin takes in putting only courteous individuals in the shared space. Far from home, and out of my apartment (thank God), I’ve grown a little community of vibrant workers with diverse backgrounds and talents. I feel invigorated each time I enter Areatres. I’ve also been able to leave my valuables unattended without worry (worth gold), because the building is secure and off the main street. Numerous compatriots survive in Starbucks and various coffee shops, and I tell them that they’re crazy--for the price of a coffee and a snack, they could have a cush work station, services, security, plus coffee and cookies. (Just go easy on the cookies, they’re meant for snacks and not meals!) Areatres is the only place in Buenos Aires where I care to work.
I got an office at areatres a year ago and it was a great decision. The space is amazing, the staff is professional and courteous, and the other people working there are all interesting people. Through areatres I have developed many professional and personal relationships this year. Martin, Fed, Leo, Annie, Mimi, all are great to work with. If you are a gringo and you are thinking of doing some work in Buenos Aires I highly recommend checking out areatres.
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