Allrounder in IT, Digitalization, Communication, and Organizational Development

Allrounder in IT, Digitalization, Communication, and Organizational Development

Markus Raab

Allrounder in IT, Digitalization, Communication, and Organizational Development

CangguChiang Mai
webdesign, wordpress, atlassian, language, german, communication, customer support, service, help
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German, English, newbie in Spanish and Russian
Ich bin verfügbar für Freelance Aufträge im Bereich:
Personal Branding, Webdesign, Internal Corporate Communication, Organizational Development, Atlassian Products

Über mich

Hi there, I am Markus from Austria based right now in Indonesia. I worked my entire life in different areas in IT and have a university degree in Information Management (Business Informatics), and the interdisciplinary field of Communication, Knowledge, Media. Because of my background, I am able to offer services in a wide area, including enterprise businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Worked for 4 years in the IT Service Desk of a large enterprise (40,000 employees). Besides solving 1st and 2nd level issues, I was responsible for the incident management system BMC Remedy and the migration to the latest version, improving usability for service desk agents, 2nd/3rd level support employees and the customers overall

Became an Atlassian enthusiast in my role as Information Manager and set up Confluence as a social intranet solution and documentation and collaboration tool in the entire company + setting up a KB + support portal for customers & partners

Ich bin Digitalnomade, weil...

I love to work, but love to choose the projects I work on and be flexible on where to live, learn from new cultures, meet people from around the world who have exciting stories to tell and experiences to share.


Mein Minimal-Budget pro Monat:
Das erreiche ich:

Die besten Orte der Welt für Digitalnomaden

For starters, I think it is essential that a few requirements are fulfilled.
low living expenses -> as you need to learn how to earn first
warm climate -> as you do not need to pack more than one backpack
good infrastructure -> for your comfort and to be not stopped because of bad wifi or no electricity
expat community -> to connect, not feel lonely, get advice and help from others

Meine Empfehlung an Digitalnomaden

It is all about overcoming fears, saying goodbye to things and comfort from home. Everyone experiences different challenges when becoming nomadic. Even the term "nomadic" might mean something different for everyone. I am from Austria, and I would not want to say that I must be nomadic, but my goal is to be location-independent. That means I might choose Austria as my location as well, however, I want to be able to choose it myself whenever it fits my circumstances.

In the end, it is about figuring out what you want and what you need to find happiness. It is definitely important to take some time for that, open up, talk to people and listen to their advice and stories. Eventually you will feel it, and do everything possible to reach your goal.

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