I have graduated in physics and software-engineering and I do actually surf.

I have graduated in physics and software-engineering and I do actually surf.

Gregor R.

I have graduated in physics and software-engineering and I do actually surf.

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Matlab/Simulink, C/C++, Aspice, Software-Engineering, Hardware-Engineering, physics, optics, EMC, EMV, Power-Electronics, LTSpice, PSpice
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Deutsch, Englisch, Polnisch, Französisch
IAV, Rotzler-Holding
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EMV, EMC, Hardwareentwicklung, Softwareentwicklung, ASPICE, C/C++, Matlab/Simulink, LTSpice, PSpice, Linux, Kernel

Über mich

I offer 10 years of experience in the development of automotive regulation in both hardware and
Especially software applications that were flashed to ECUs communicating via the CAN-Bus creating
an overall complex system of sensors and actuators for driving assistance systems, electrical engines
and for my last company hydraulic systems.
These systems included software architectures in Matlab/Simulink and C/C++.
I have in depth knowledge in the regulation of electrical machines in software like field-oriented-
regulation and hardware like inverters, Type-D-Class-Amplifiers.
I know exactly the physics of all major automotive actuators and the sensor data collection with
analogue 4-20mA current lines or digital transmission via CAN.

I've developed hardware myself but profound competence I have gained in the creation of large
software projects.
I offer You a project surveillance and development according to the
Automotive SPICE® PAM v3.0
up to successful operation.
The V-model is important and essential but sometimes a robust software architecture is neglected. The
problem is that to create such an architecture You need a lot of experience in the development and
implementation Yourself.
I offer You a project management with respect to a clean and robust architecture.
My last great software project was the development of the controlling and regulating software of a
hydraulic testbench. I wrote the specification and designed the architecture.
Then I managed the project up to successful operation by applying the V-model.
The implementation was done with my team.
However I always had to engage myself to force a clean design. Sometimes convincing the
management that a clean design will save us time in the end. And I was right.
Another automotive software projects was the controller of a drivers assistance system (trajectory
And this is my proposal to You.
I have a lot of programming experience myself. Especially in the implementation of very big systems.
Back in university I have studied software engineering. I had to complete trainings where I led projects
and I was always successful in the shortest time with the least resources.
Beyond that I work with Linux since 2000 know it's architecture very well and I am capable of
writing device drivers.

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