Besitze MSc.,Startup/Konzern Allrounder und möchte mich ortsunabhängig machen.

Besitze MSc.,Startup/Konzern Allrounder und möchte mich ortsunabhängig machen.

Patricia Knoll

Besitze MSc.,Startup/Konzern Allrounder und möchte mich ortsunabhängig machen.

Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Business Plan writing, Usability Testing, Pitch deck, Powerpoint Presentations, Ghostwriter, Website Content Creation, Social Media Marketing Content Creation, Photoshop, Photography,Fotografie, Video Produ
DN seit:
Deutsch, Englisch, Spanisch, Französisch
Lumobody Tech Inc, Creamondo, Daimler, LMU Entrepreneurship Center, BAUR,
Ich bin verfügbar für Freelance Aufträge im Bereich:
Social Media Marketing, Business Pläne, Powerpoint, Ghostwriter, Power Point Presentations, Content Marketing, Flyer Erstellung, Grafik Erstellung

Über mich

I gained experience in various industries such as (automotive, health, technology, beauty, fashion, books).

Writing / Content Creation skills
- I have a master degree in Technology and Innovation Management, am about to publish my thesis about the Blockchain technology (in english) and wrote a book and published a book for children in German. Therefore, I have skills in not only academic writing but also storytelling.
- I wrote product marketing texts for the shampoo company Guhl (Germany) and was also responsible for content creation of their website blog.
- For Creamondo (Germany) , LMU Entrepreneurship Center (Germany) and Lumobodytech (USA) I was responsible for content creation (website content and Social Media), as well.

Social Media Marketing / Marketing:
Being responsible for the Social Media Channels such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest (I’m walking (BAUR), Lumobodytech, Creamondo, I know how to create daily content (text+visuals).
Social Media Advertising: I also know how use Facebook Business Manager, how to test campaigns, target groups and how to manage budget.
I can create visuals and text for Social Media Marketing as well.

You need research in terms of keywords? I can help you out with that.

Powerpoint skills
Participating in various startup competitions I know how to develop and create a convincing startup pitch deck. Working for the business innovation department at Mercedes Benz also taught me how to develop Powerpoint Presentations for strategic matters.

Business plan creation:
Due to my degree and two startups, which I co founded, business plan writing is a very familiar topic to me. Business plans I worked on were about an HR website, a traveling and photography website and an online publisher. In 2013, one of my business plans even won a business plan competition.

Idea creation, creative thinking and research:
You need to come up with ideas in terms of new products, names e.g.? Not only am I a creative person - I also learned all the methods during my master degree, which help me to come up with good ideas.
If you’re looking for fundamental research (facts, numbers) I will be able to do that, as well. Working for the Business Innovation department at Mercedes Benz taught me to do thorough market research ( so did my two university degrees: Bachelor of science and Master of Science).

Voice over:
Since I used to be a singer in a band and was part of the theatre club at highschool I have good control over my voice and can also be booked for voice overs.

Ich bin Digitalnomade, weil...

Ich der Meinung bin, dass sich mit den heutigen Tools alles digital erledigen lässt.


Mein Minimal-Budget pro Monat:
1,500 EUR
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