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9 Middlemiss St, Lavender Bay NSW 2060, Australia
+61 2 9925 0738


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Contact Light has been in-residence at Work Inc since last August and we love it. The atmosphere is excellent and having other like-minded companies around you makes Work Inc more than a co-working space. Lucy, Tom and Baron keep everything working, clean and highly functional.
Great space! Wonderful building to work from. Management/staff extremely helpful and go the extra mile
Great space to work. There's a great attention to detail all-round at Work Inc. Excellent people with an exciting vision.
Great office space, run by great people! Highly recommend for forward thinking organisations seeking an environment conducive to collaboration and innovation, without the hassle and expense of your usual office lease.
Looks of character and atmosphere, with a friendly group of creative and techy freelancers and startups. Heaps of great amenities nearby, including trains, buses and the obligatory funky coffee shop.
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