Room111 in Bangkok

Thailand, 399 ซอย สีลม 5 แขวง สีลม เขต บางรัก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10500, Thailand
+66 95 595 4694


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Slow.. service is slow or non-existing. Coffee and atmosphere is good. Lack of espresso based options. A bit misleading name "coworking space", as the cafe is not work friendly, considering no electricity plugs and wifi.
Never expecting such a cozy in the middle of financial area. Good cold brew coffee with very attractive prices. Some foods available, also attractive prices. Recommended for a busy life retreat, no wifi and power outlet available.
Cafe has good ambience and offers ice drip coffee, which is still a rare item in BKK. Price is also moderate. A piece of brownie and ice drip coffee only costs 105B. As height of tables is all low, this place isn't suitable for people who want to read or work.
interesting cafe and workspace
A place to sit and work quietly with some nice drip coffee and cake.
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