Ausguck Coworking in Kiel

Hansastraße 66, 24118 Kiel
0431 301 494 0

Centrally yet quietly located, the Ausguck Coworking rooms offer the perfect environment for successful work and a relaxed after-work atmosphere.

Between Ravensberg and Schrevenpark, Hansastraße leads directly past the Ausguck location. Here we offer desks in our backyard building. All desks are electrically height-adjustable and allow you to work while standing or sitting. A conference room offers additional space for larger work groups and meetings. A fully equipped kitchen is available as well as a parking space, which can be used by arrangement.

The best way to get to us by bike is via the Veloroute 10 (bicycle road in Kiel).

We look forward to people who are looking for a quiet place to work.

We like to have lunch together, play a game of table football, drink coffee or have an after-work drink together. But that's all completely informal.


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